Greg Zizique (Lantern. Beijing June 2013)


Greg Zizique is an electronic music DJ based in Devon and Cornwall (South West U.K.) best known for Dance Academy and Tranz@ction residencies.

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Confirmed (under offer are not included):
15th June: Custom House, Plymouth
22nd June: UP Club & Bar, Penzance
25th June: New track "Let Go" released
29th June: Good Old Days, Tyacks, Camborne
06th July: UP Club & Bar, Penzance
27th July: UP Club & Bar, Penzance
29th July: New track "At the Edge" released
16th Aug: New track "I Don't Know" released
25th Aug: Super Sunday, UP Club & Bar, Penzance

Greg Zizique


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Original tracks and remixes by Greg Zizique.

Greg Zizique – Sense of Awareness (Original Mix) (Released 2019)

Greg Zizique – Signal for Attention (Original Mix) (Released 2019)

Greg Zizique – Early Morning Dark (Original Mix) (Released 2019)

Greg Zizique – De Novo (Original Mix) (Released 2019)

Greg Zizique – Hush-hush (Original Mix) (Released 2019)

Greg Zizique – Taking Over (Original Mix) (Released 2018)

Greg Zizique – Pick-Me-Up (Original Mix) (Released 2018)

Greg Zizique – Goodfella (Original Mix) (Released 2018)

Greg Zizique – Ketalar (Original Mix) (Released 2018)

Greg Zizique – Two Minds EP (Two Minds / Deflection) (Released 2018)

Greg Zizique – New Directions EP (New Directions / Persuit / Deviation) (Released 2018)

Greg Zizique – Deep Within (Original Mix) (Musictracx Recordings) (Released 2009)

Greg Zizique – Devious EP (Evasive / Erratic) (Musictracx Recordings) (Released 2009)

Greg Zizique – Introspection (Original Mix / Electro Mix) (ACT72 Records) (Released 2008)

Greg Zizique – Compulsion (Original Mix) (South Records) (Released 2008)

Greg Zizique – Altered State (Original Mix) (Released 2008) Vinyl only

Greg Zizique – Fire (Original Mix) (Released 2008) Vinyl only

Greg Zizique – Shifty Eyes (Original Mix) (Released 2008) Vinyl only

Greg Zizique – Vodka Redbull (Original Mix) (Released 2008) Vinyl only