Greg Zizique (Lantern. Beijing June 2013)


Greg Zizique is an electronic music DJ based in Devon and Cornwall (South West U.K.), best known for his residencies at Dance Academy and Tranz@ction.

Greg Zizique

Dj Mix: Greg Zizique – Live @ Good Old Days 29/12/2021, Tyacks, Camborne

Paul Masterson Pres. Subway – What U Got, What U Do
The Effect – Day Mission
OT Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down (Bootleg Mix)
Phatt B – And Da Drum Machine (TFFM Rmx)
Pianoheadz – It’s Over (Distortion) (Knuckleheadz Rmx)
Hands Burn – Good Shot (Club Mix)
Ruff Driverz Pres. Arrola – Dreaming
Mauro Picotto – Komodo (Save A Soul) (Rob Searle Rmx)
N.R.G. – Never Lost His Hardcore (Floorplay Rmx)
Paul Masterson Pres. Sushi – The Earthshaker
Trevor & Simon – Hands Up (DJ Jean Rmx)
Quo Vadis – Sonic Boom (Yomanda Rmx)
Planet Perfecto – Bullet In The Gun (Rob Searle Rmx)
VG2000 (Vinylgroover & The Red Hed) – The Uprising
Gold N’ Delicious – Ascension
Snap – Do U See The Light (Steve Murano Rmx)
Yomanda – You’re Free (Synth Mix)
BM Dubs – Whoomp!… There It Is (Public Domain Rmx)
K-Series – Papua New Guinea (K4)
K-Series – Punk\’D (K6)
Bizarre Inc. – Playing With Knives (Utah Saints Rmx)
Dark Monks – Insane (Steve Murano Vocal Rmx)
Lock N Load – Blow Ya Mind (Club Caviar Mix)
Signum – What Ya Got 4 Me (Rebooted)

Dj Mix: Greg Zizique – Crate Digging

Digging through the less obvious anthems, pumping club tunes and massive party beats from around 1997 – 2001.

DHS – House of God (Azzido Da Bass Remix)
The Invisible Man – Give A Little Love (Judge Jules Meets Mr. Smith Mix)
Motivation – Para Mi (Intrique Deep Bass Attack Mix)
Pianoheadz – It’s Over (Distortion) (Perpetual Motion Remix)
The Effect – Day Mission
Dirty Barry – Baby Maniac
Gold n’ Delicious – Ascension
Floorgasm – Have A Nice Day
Da Hool – Bora Bora (Jonesey Mix)
Anthony Atcherley – In My House (Kumara Remix)
Boyos – Timewarp (2.22-3.33 Mix)
U.S.U.R.A. – Open Your Mind (DJ Quicksilver Remix)
N.R.G. – Never Lost His Hardcore (Floorplays Mobile B+tch Remix)
Paul Masterson – Stars
The Crazy Drummer – Party Drumz (Yomanda Remix)
Space Frog – X-Ray (Follow Me) (Vocal Version)
Decoy & Roy – Inner Life (Nord Vs Bonka Mix)
AMbassador – One Of The Days


Dj Mix: Greg Zizique – Live at The Social, Liskeard 31st July 2021

Greg Zizique – Live at The Social, Liskeard 31st July 2021

Ce Ce Peniston Vs Sandy B – Finally Make The World Go Round
Byron Stingily – Get Up (Everybody) (Jules & Skins Vox Mix)
Inner City – Pennies From Heaven (Remastered)
Unknown – Electric Shock
Julie McDermott – Don’t Go (Disaia Remix)
Storm Queen & MK vs Andrea Mendez – Bring Me Right Through
Unknown – Deep Chimes
Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Remix)
FSOL – Papua New Guinea (Shadow Child Remix)
CJ Bolland – Sugar is Sweeter (Robbie Rivera Re-Rub)
Kadoc – The Night Train (Remix)
SL2 -On a Ragga Tip (AL VIP)
Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Dancing Divaz Club Mix)
Umek & Groovebox – Sweet Harmony
Danny Tenaglia ft. Celeda – Music Is The Answer (Deep Dish Deadline Mix)
Tall Paul – Voodoo Ray
Faithless – God Is A Dj (Serious Danger Remix)
OT Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down (Remix)
Subliminal Cuts – Le Voie le Soleil (Way Out West Club Mix)
Storm – Time To Burn
Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation
Camisra – Let Me Show You
Ruff Driverz Presents Arrola – Dreaming (Percussion Mix)
York – The Awakening (Quake Mix)
Mauro Picotto – Like This Like That (Hi-Gate)
Plummet – Damaged (Antillas Mix)
Planet Perfecto – Bullet In The Gun (Rob Searle Remix)

Tranzaction & Satisfaction Events – Greg Zizique – Live Sets Archive (L2, Corn Exchange)

Found some more recordings of live club sets. These mixes are from Tranzaction events and Satisfaction events held at L2 Nightclub in Truro, The Corn Exchange in Camborne and Puls8 in St Austell. These were the harder edged sets.

Greg Zizique – Live Tranzaction @ L2, 25th June 2009

BK & Lee Haslam Vs Cj Bolland – Daddy’s Stoned (Steve Noxx)
Loop – Future Beat EP 1 (Loop 4)
Stimulator – Take Off (Garbo Rmx)
Paul Webster – Corruption (Mac & Taylor Rmx)
Jimmy Dean – Don’t Give Up (BK Rmx)
Human Resource – Dominator (Stimulator Rmx)
Anne Savage & Vinylgroover – The Pod (Scott Attril Rmx)
Joy Kitikonti – Joy Energizer (Dj Choose Rmx)
Art Of Trance – Madagascar (Dark By Design Rmx)
Avaline – Neva Seva (TNT Rmx)
Prodigy – Outta Space (Black Label Dj’s Rmx)
Dark by Design – Loops N Tings
Dark by Design – No Good Start The Dance

Greg Zizique – Live Tranzaction @ L2, 30th July 2009

La Roux – Bulletproof (Tommie Quick Tech Rework)
BK & Lee Haslam – Feel Good Inc.
Black Label Dj’s – Black Label 12 (Satisfaction)
Illogik – Tronic Equator (BK Rmx)
Black Label Dj’s – Black Label # 14
Tigran Oganezov – Neanderthal (Lee Haslam Rmx)
Lee Haslam – Bad Boy
BK – Rave Monkey
John W – Can’t Beat The System (Jon BW Rmx)
Tidy Allstars – Get Up Stand Up (Neal Thomas Rmx)
Organ Donors – Tranceplant (Neal Thomas Rmx)
Dark by Design – Shranz & Boys
Bootek – 35B (Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love)

Greg Zizique – Live Tranzaction @ Corn Exchange, Boxing Day 2009

Black Label Dj’s – Black Label # 17
Anne Savage Vs BK – Sweet Sensation
The Prodigy – Charlie (J.O.C. Rework)
Base Graffiti – Scirocco (Neal Thomas Rmx)
Bryan K & Liam M – The Other (Mac N Taylor Rmx)
Organ Donors – Looking For Drugs (Vandall Rmx)
Jan Loper – I Can’t Stop (Mac N Taylor Rmx)
X-Cabs – Neuro (BK Rmx)
Ben Stevens & Rodi Style – The Eternal
Steve Hill & Nylon – If You Love Me
Neal Thomas – The Virus
Dj Chuck-E & Vandall – Back In The Day
BK – Playing With Knives (Bootek Rmx)
Mac N Taylor – Munchin (Neal Thomas Rmx)
Neal Thomas – Pyrotechno

Greg Zizique – Live Tranzaction @ Puls8, 8th May 2010

Organ Donors – Throw A Diva
Guyver & Neal Thomas – The Hacker (BK Rmx)
Ash Preston – Flash
Daniel Smith & Mike Levy – Genesis
Marcel Woods – Advanced (Colin James & Alan Ruddick Rmx)
BK – Dreams (Hard Mix)
BK – HardStep
Adam Corbett – Pills & Thrills
Neal Thomas – Ripper
Sarah C – Sensation (Lee Mac Rmx)
Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug (Nomad Rmx)
Organ Donors – Boot It Up

Greg Zizique – Live @ Corn Exchange, 28th Feb 2009

N-Trance – Set U Free (Spencer & Hill Rmx)
Steve Angello & Laidback Luke Ft Robin S – Show Me Love
Kid Cudi Vs Crookers – Day ‘N’ Nite
Fragma – Miracle (Wideboys Rmx)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Waiting For (Genix Rmx)
Digital Deviant – I Found You At Night
Jealous Guys – Mr.Brightside
Public Domain – Operation Blade
Dj Jean – The Launch (Yomanda Rmx)
Southside Spinners – Luvstruck
Lock ‘N’ Load – Blow Ya Mind (Club Caviar Rmx)
Marco V – Indicator
K90 – Red Snapper (Vinylgroover & Redhead Rmx)

Greg Zizique – Live @ Corn Exchange, 10th July 2009

Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone (Electro-Tech Rmx)
Ali Payami Vs Aquagen – Phat Bass (Ultrabeat Rmx)
Marcel Woods – Advanced (Alex K Rmx)
Agnes – Release Me (Frisco Rmx)
System F – Cry (Escape Rmx)
N-Trance – Set U Free (Lee S Rmx)
Dee Grees Vs RBB – Apologize (Ultrabeat Rmx)
Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer (Jens Kindervater Rmx)
Kid Cudi – Day ‘n’ Nite (Sound Selektaz)
Cascada – Evacuate the Dancefloor (Ultrabeat Rmx)
Livin Joy – Dreamer (Lee S Rmx)
M25 – Better off Alone (Total Control Rmx)
Ian Van Dahl – Will I (DNA Project Rmx)
Ruff Loaderz Ft. Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy

Greg Zizique – Live @ Corn Exchange, 11th Sept 2009

Technikal Vs JK – Higher
Amber D – Another Chance
La Roux – In For The Kill (E-Tech)
Superstar DJs – Love Parade (KB Project)
Masterblaster – Everywhere (Ultrabeat)
Oasis – Wonderwall (Bootleg)
Sidney Samson – Riverside (Donk)
Styles & Breeze – Amigos (Whitby & Klubfiller)
Mario Piu – Communication (Hyper Deejays)
Darren Styles & Manian – Outta My Head (KC Caine)
Dougal & Gammer – When I Close My Eyes (Nitra M)
Manian – Welcome To The Club (E-Tech)
Defiant Dj’s – Children
Dj Isaac – Nobody Listens To Techno (Bounce)

Dj Mix: Greg Zizique – Good Old Days Xmas 2020

Perpetual Motion – Keep on Dancin’ (Let’s Go) (Mansa Remix)
JS16 – Stomping System (UK Mix)
Novy vs. Eniac – Pumpin (Flickman Remix)
Amber – Sexual (Plasma Remix)
Sunburst – Eyeball (Eyeball Paul’s Theme)
Funky G – K-Sera (Paul Masterson Club Mix)
Spoiled & Zigo – More and More (Flickman Remix)
Red Light District – Did You Hear Me (Phase 2 Mix)
Jonah – Ssst… Listen
The Act – Something About U (DJ Garry Remix)
Marc Et Claude – Loving You (Ratty Remix)
Hi-Gate – Caned & Unable
Southside Spinners – Luvstruck (Timo Maas Mix)
Starfighter – Starfighter
Black Spider – Save Your Life (Warp Brothers Club Mix)
R.B.A. – No Alternative (Brooklyn Bounce Remix)
Dusk Till Dawn – Fine Night (Untidy Dub Remix)

Dj Mix: Greg Zizique – Good Old Days 2020

Y-Traxx – Mystery Land (Sickboy Courtyard Remix)
Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Tall Paul Remix)
Subliminal Cuts – Le Voie le Soleil (Way Out West Club Mix)
Recall 22 – Subimos Juntos (Perpetual Motion Remix)
DJ Sandy vs. Housetrap – Overdrive
Camisra – Let Me Show You
Quo Vadis – Sonic Boom (Quo Vadis Maxieus Mix)
Aptness – The Answer
Hands Burn – Good Shot
Ruff Driverz Presents Arrola – Dreaming (Percussion Mix)
Liquid Child – Diving Faces
Mike Koglin – The Silence
Art of Trance – Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Mix)
Matt Darey – Liberation (Fly Like An Angel) (Ferry Corsten Remix)
Dejure – Sanctuary
The Conductor & The Cowboy – Feeling This Way
Sureal – You Take My Breath Away (Lange Remix)
Ratty – Sunrise (Here I Am)

Greg Zizique - GOOD OLD DAYS 2020